2016 Triopia Alumni Banquet

2016 Triopia Alumni Banquet

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The 48th annual Triopia Alumni Banquet was held June 18, 2016 at Hamilton’s Banquet Hall in the Fireside Room with 121 members and guests present. They traveled from various towns in Illinois, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio and South Carolina.

President Lisa Lakamp Musch, class of ’86, welcomed everyone. Pastor Steven Surratt, class of ’76, gave the invocation. The Triopia High School Pom Squad and their sponsor, Dawn Privia, served the dinner.

Margaret Taylor, secretary, read the minutes and Vice President/Treasurer Jason Fricke gave the treasurer’s report. Superintendent Steve Eisenhaur gave remarks concerning the Triopia district Unit 27. The start and ending the school year were later because of the geo-thermo that was installed along with the many upgrades and renovations completed. This is the first year the seniors graduated with air conditioning. Teachers Julie Carriger and Connie Charlesworth are retiring and Amanda Lynn will be a new teacher. He closed with this statement. “Don’t count the days, make every day count!”

Mackenzie Musch gave the response for the class of 2016.

The following were noted as receiving various scholarship awards in the year of 2016.

The 18th Triopia Alumni Scholarship Awards Recipients were:

Emily Burns, daughter of Fred & Kathy Burns, will attend Aurora University—-Nursing

Levi Job, son of Jeff Job and Dawn Job, will attend Missouri University of Science & Technology—

Architectural & Civil Engineering

Mackenzie Musch, daughter of Scott and Lisa Musch,will attend the University of Iowa—Human Physiology

Kaitlyn Nordsiek, daughter of Melodie Towery, will attend LLCC or MacMurray—Law Enforcement

Other awards mentioned were:

Mrs. Staake 6th grade achievement award: Recipient:Ty Malcomson Parents: Lonny and Deb Malcomson

Lena Hammer Dennison 4th grade Achievement Award: Recipients: Devin Scheer-Eyrse and Elijah Wood Parents: Kara Scheer, Zac Eyrse Tim and Lindsay Wood, Rachel Larson

Agnes Tiemann 3rd grade Achievement Award: Recipients: Ali Ballinger and Joseph Lacy

Parents: Aaron and Nicole Roegge, Chad Ballinger, Vince and Carrie Lacy

Ruth K. Brasell 2nd grade Achievement Award: Recipients: Alyssa Caldwell and Grant Fricke

Parents: Joe and Anita Caldwell, Jason and Dana Fricke

Roll call of the anniversary classes was enjoyed by all. The class of ’66 was celebrating their 50th anniversary. The class of ’61 had the largest attendance and was celebrating their 55th anniversary. The class of ’56 was celebrating their 60th anniversary. The oldest graduate attending was from the class of ’46. She was celebrating her 70th anniversary.

The meeting was adjourned, leaving time for visiting and getting reacquainted with friends and classmates. The 2017 Triopia Alumni Banquet will be held on the third Saturday of June, which is June 17, 2017.

Those in attendance for the June 18, 2016 Triopia Alumni Banquet were

Table #1 Chapin

1948—Arthur Nergenah

1952—Betty Nergenah

1952—Margaret Taylor

1955—Robert Smith-guest, Mary Ann

1955—Delbert Mueller-guest, Melissa

Shirley Wolke

Table #2 Arenzville

1946–70 years

Dee Lovekamp Thomas

1954—Helene Sue Hendricker

Guest-Vera Talkemeyer

1956—Anniversary 60 years

Marilyn Tegeder Werries

Marvel Lovekamp Gardner

Table #3 Chapin (8 grads)

1956 –Anniversary 60 years

Edward Goffinett

Robert Pahlmann—Guest, Phyllis ‘57

Tomas Bennett—guest, Gladys

Howard Schone—guest, Jane

Sherwood Surratt

Dorothy Bennett Surratt

Leona Werries Massey—guest, Gerald

Joyce (Perry) Casey

Sharon Fouts Beniach

Bill Joy ‘54

Table #8 Chapin

1953—Herschel Surratt

1954—Bernice McKinley Surratt

1954—Donald Middendorf

1954—Larry Englebrecht

1954—Beverly Werries—guest, Martin ‘52

1954—Donald Mueller—guest, Connie

Table #4 Chapin


Carol Pulling Ruyle


Larry D. Smith—guest, Barbara

Tom Newby—guest, Tamara

Emily Pulling Hagan


Ted Surratt

Edward Braner—guest, Linda

Phyliss Moss Sherren

Mary Ann Rayborn

Carol Anderson Hembrough—guest, David

Dixie Bunch— Byron—’57 & guests, granddaughter & daughter

Table #9 Triopia (17 grads)

1961—Anniversary 55 years

Karl Kent Hansmeier

Kenneth Crews—guest,Patty

Bob Talkemeyer—Elearnor “6

Alan Anderson

Keneth Crews—guest Patty

Martha Vincent Stephenson

Shirley Hansmeier Cloyd—guest Neale

Walter Mason—guest Bernidean Zulauf “65

Carolyn Hacker Little—guest, Mickey

Eugene Hymes—guest, Isidra

Deborah Clark Schnepper—guest Tris

Joe Rayborn—guest, Marlene

Robert McLin—guest, Carol

Barbara Burrus Ring—guest, Charles

Ronald Kershaw—guest, Faye (Hacker) ‘63

Grace Patton Hymes

Table #6 Triopia (11 grads)

1966—Anniversary 50 years

Judy Phelps Vinyard

James Paul—guest, Kristina

Jane Grady Dawson

Bill & Donna Thompson Leischner

Lavona Schone

John Williams—guest, Dixie

Jone Schumacher—Arthur “65

Sandra Pekarek

Sara Clark Burrus—Roger “65

Burton Ater—guest, Esther Norton

Table #5 Triopia

1971—Anniversary 45 years

Janet Williams Chipman—guest, Bob

1964—Max Brockhouse

1964—Mary Rae Lakamp Brockhouse

1964—Jenny Peck Flynn—guest, Richard

1964—Ruth Carls Werries—John ‘65

Table #7 Triopia (9 grads)

1976—Anniversary 40 years

Tim Bartholomew—guest, Kellie Stocker

Steve Carls—guest, Susan

Mike Crawford—guest, Cindy

Steven Surratt—guest, Lisa

Kent Aufdenkamp—guest, Judy

Teresa Nergenah Albsmeyer-guest, Richard

Peggy Kolberer Peterson—guest, Paul

Susan Lovekamp Beard

Phyllis Wankel Hendricker

Head Table

1986—Anniversary—30 years

Cheryl Hurst Newell

Lisa Musch

New graduate

Mackenzie Musch

Triopia Representative

Steve Eisenhaur, Superintendent

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