22nd annual Rotary Bass Tournament a success

  • Participants listen to tournament rules and get their launch numbers near the Lake Jacksonville boat lauch before sunset. Biscuits and gravy were served to the fishermen when they arrived for registration.
  • Eighth place winners were Keith Curless and Jacob Brogdon (not pictured).
  • Aaron Gilbreth and Steve Gilbreth place second.
  • Third place winners were Vernon Clements and Trevor Birdsell.
  • Receiving fourth place were Tim Shea and Kevin Brunstein.
  • Gene Meier and Steve Hoots won fifth place.
  • In sixth place were Brandon McQuarrie and Gary McQuarrie.
  • Nathan Wahl and Danny Ramsey placed seventh.
  • Glen Robson and David Knollhoff won first place.
  • Tim Shea and Kevin Brunstein (not pictured) won the Big Bass award.
  • Photo/Submitted to The Source
Participants get in their boats at the Lake Jacksonville boat launch, ready for the start of the tournament.

By Kyla Hurt

Photos/Special to The Source and Steve Warmowski

According to jacksonvillerotary.org, “The annual Rotary Club of Jacksonville Bass Tournament [began] in 2000 as a fundraiser for the club’s community activities,” with the (33) 2-person teams competing the week prior to the season open on Lake Jacksonville. The fishing tourney is held by The Rotary Club of Jacksonville with assistance from the staff of the Jacksonville Parks and Lakes office.

The website gives further information about what is called a “basstastic event,” noting, “The Rotary tournament has funded or assisted many community events. One year, a fishing dock for children and handicapped individuals was constructed. Another year, Rotary helped with a fish replacement program. Over the 18 years, approximately $150,000 has been raised. The first year the tournament was held in 2000 and only 16 boats entered; however, as the tournament increased in popularity and reputation, the maximum 40 boats participated.”

The Rotary Club of Jacksonville congratulates the winners in this year’s tournament. Glen Robson and David Knollhoff took first place in the tournament, winning $900 for their combined weight of 8.3 pounds. The Big Bass Winner(s) were Tim Shea and Kevin Brunstein, whose big bass, weighing 6.2 pounds, won them $330.

The event helped to raise more than $7,400 for the club’s charitable purposes. Rotary Club of Jacksonville President Cathy Jo Littleton-Wahl said, “Thanks to our sponsors and to everyone who helped to make this event a success … and thanks to co-chairs David Fisher and Joe Horabik for organizing a successful tournament and fundraiser!”

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