3 Ways to Make Fall More Fun

(StatePoint) To kick start fall, considering switching things up to help you make the most of every day.

Be Your Own Bartender

That new neighborhood hot spot where everyone knows your name? Your home. Try experimenting with frosty, whole-fruit drinks recipes like margaritas and adult smoothies.

Before winter hits, you can have fun by sticking with bright, refreshing flavors,” says Tom Macy, bartender and co-owner of Clover Club. “Stay away from stronger, spirit-forward cocktails and go for drinks with fresh-squeezed juice and crisp, seasonal fruits and vegetables.”

Macy suggests trying out one of his newest creations — the Jalapeño Cucumber Margarita, which includes; jalapeño tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, ice, freshly cut cucumber slices with the optional addition of cilantro. For the full recipe, visit TomMacy.com.

Redefine Your Vacation Beard

Consider avoiding peak travel season and taking a trip in fall. For the gentleman, along with the getaway comes the vacation beard. Understandable, as who wants to shave when there are sights to be seen and adventures to be had? It’s easy to come back to civilization with a beard looking a little weary instead of worldly. That’s no problem — these furry celebrations of off-the-clock leisure can become your canvas.

Going on, or returning from vacation is the perfect time to switch up your look,” says Christopher Hunt, Editor-at-Large at AskMen. “If you let your facial hair run wild while you had a few days off — all the better — now you have something to play with. Shape it into a sharp goatee or trim it down into a classic, timeless scruffy look. Or shave it all off and start over. You can head into work feeling fresh.”

Hunt suggests trying out the new BIC Flex 5 Razor because it has a “Balancing Sphere” that gives better shave control. Its precision edging blade is useful in difficult spots, such as under the nose and around the sideburns. “It’s all about creating a definition for whatever unique facial hair style you choose, with the right tool for the job,” he says.

Make Workouts Fun

Think of the days when you wanted to stay outside all day, running around and playing games. Why not combine friendly competition with your workouts?

Find a park or gymnasium and invite friends or coworkers for an old-fashioned game of “capture the flag.” It’s a fun way to get heart rates up.

Once you’re done, invite your thirsty crew home to check out your bartending skills.

For more lifestyle tips from Macy and Hunt, visit www.BicFlexRazors.com.

Make fall more fun with some great, new traditions.

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