4 Little Fergusons – Dear Dad on the Recliner

4 Little Fergusons – Dear Dad on the Recliner

Long day, huh?  I bet it feels good to put your feet up. Where is your wife?  Oh, she is tucking the children in bed.

Can I ask you something?

Why aren’t you in there?

They need you, Daddy.

They find comfort in your big, rough hand, smoothing their bangs off their foreheads.  They love hearing your rumbly voice read them a Bible story and a bedtime story. They love to hear you pray for them, their lives and futures.

Your wife is filled with love for you, as she looks around at her little family, all together at the close of the day.  Her heart swells as you kiss the children good night.  She feels loved and understood when you participate in the bedtime routine.

I know you are tired, Daddy.  We all are this time of the night.


Go be their daddy for just a few more minutes.

As soon as they are tucked in bed, as soon as you have hugged and kissed them each twice, as soon as you have gotten them ANOTHER drink of water, after you have rubbed backs and heard precious prayers … THEN, Daddy.  Then, you can go pop up the recliner, flip on the TV, get on your iPad, or open up the newspaper.

You work hard. You deserve to relax at the end of your day. I whole-heartedly agree.  But, please, don’t ever forget, your children will only seek you out for a short amount of years.

Then, you’ll spend the rest of their lives seeking them out, and guess what?

They won’t need you anymore.

Not in the same way they need you now, Daddy.

You’re a good dad.  Lead your family, Daddy.  Lead them straight to Jesus. Be a Holy example for those little eyes to see.  They want to be just like you, so make sure you are just like HIM.

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