#480-Minute Miracle

The goal has been reached! A standing ovation to all involved! Bravo.

On Saturday, December 3, local musicians donated their time and skills to help fundraise. Along with partners Anna Ferraro Music, Ken Bradbury, Lincoln Land Community College, The Soap Co. Coffee House and The Source, a day of gathering, supporting and community was created. The event titled “#480-Minute Miracle” raised a miraculous $5,000 that will be used to purchase a new piano, which will be gifted to the Jacksonville Public Library for use during concerts and cultural events. The piano will be purchased locally from Boyd Music, a small business that has served Jacksonville since 1974.

The concept was miraculous. In eight hours (480 minutes), members of the community visited the event held at The Soap Co. Coffee House to listen to great musical talent of Stephanie Soltermann, Joshua Hoegh, Tim Chipman, Ken Bradbury, Bill Meier, Thomas Asama, Anna Ferraro,Tyler Maul, Sherri Mitchell and Caleb Holaway. Special guest performances included Elena Ferraro and Meaghan Marshall who jumped in to do piano duets with Anna and to drop off off a donation. There’s something very special in seeing so many faces stopping by to leave their contribution for the common good.

It was an epic day at The Soap Co. Coffee House for the #480-Minute Miracle. Throughout the day, over 500 people came through to enjoy the eight hours of continuous piano playing – and with much gratitude, support the cause! It was indeed a musical marathon. Simply heartwarming and inspiring!

A thousand thanks to everyone who participated in the efforts to bring a piano to the Jacksonville Public Library! A special thank you to the performers and also to Nicole and her staff at The Soap Co.

Your support will enable us to give more music back to the community!

Miraculous …

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