Meeting Santa

Meeting Santa

Brayden Richardson, son of Jessica and Bryan Richardson, visited Santa when he arrived at Arends-Awe in Riggston for the company’s annual visit of Santa and reindeer. Showing the joy to be found in children at Christmas time, Brayden’s conversation about his trip to the Arends-Awe event went something like this — 

Q: How did you like meeting Santa at Riggston? 

Brayden: I don’t knooowwww. (With a giggle)

Q: What did you ask for Christmas from him?

Brayden: A tractor combine, a Snoopy and an X-Vader.

Q: What did you think about the reindeer?

Brayden: White. And it was pointy. Yes, it was really cool seeing the reindeer.

Q: Are you excited for Christmas?

Brayden: Yeah! (Hollered with enthusiasm and animation)

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