Ag in the Classroom

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Photos by Debbie Pettit

The goal of the Cass-Morgan Farm Bureau Ag-in-the-Classroom is to explain to elementary students the importance of agriculture and how it affects our daily lives today and in the future.  The objectives include:

  • To provide young people an adequate understanding of how the nation’s food and fiber industries relate to their lives.

  • To show the importance of agriculture in the development of the nation’s independence and the importance of American agriculture to other nations of the world.

  • To inform and reinforce the importance of agriculture as a major cornerstone for the high standard of living in the United States.

  • To illustrate the environmental benefits of agriculture to the well-being of all citizens.

  • To emphasize the relationship of agriculture to the foundation of human life.

  • To teach the economic importance of food and fiber.

  • To network the educational and agricultural communities.

  • To utilize established agricultural resources to provide information to teachers.

The program is designed to supplement current curriculum and expand the minds of 4th graders in Cass and Morgan counties. In the 2017-18 school year the program included 560 students and taught such initiatives as Farm Safety, Where Your Thanksgiving Meal Comes From, Apples, Pumpkins, Corn, & Animal By-Products.

Cass-Morgan Farm Bureau has been doing the program locally since 1994 when Jan Carleton, Jim Carleton (former CMFB Manager) and Sue Freeman came up with the curriculum. Bob and Carolyn Hadden have hosted kids at the Hadden Family Farm since the inception of the program. Sue and Kaila Freeman presently teach the program.

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