AMBUCS gives check to Pathway

AMBUCS gives check to Pathway

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The Jacksonville AMBUCS presented a check to Executive Director of Pathway Services Steve Brundage. Brundage was the guest speaker at a recent AMBUCS meeting and gave updates as to the current state of Pathway Services. The “doors are still open and the lights are still on,” said Brundage, adding, “… but Pathway is struggling.” Brundage noted that Pathway is “way behind financially,” explaining that “Obamacare has hit Pathway exceptionally hard,” as it “flipped health insurance completely on its head.” Brundage continued, mentioning that they haven’t seen a rate increase since 2008. Also, because of a new Department of Labor Executive Decree, all management at Pathway Services will start clocking in and out. Though many updates concerning the state of the State were somewhat bleak, Brundage finished by stressing his great appreciation for financial and emotional support.

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