An Uninvited Guest Stops Wedding

An Uninvited Guest Stops Wedding

by Lynn Colburn

We’ve all heard stories of the minister saying, “if anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

But who would think it would be the Federal Government saying, “Stop the wedding!” For many brides it has been a waiting game; many wedding plans are being affected during the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. As of March 15, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) officially recommended the cancellation of weddings in the United States for eight weeks, or until mid-May.

So many have been preparing for a year or more for this joyous experience. After planning for their wedding for the past year and a half, a local couple, Tacy Mayner and Jared Degroot, had to postpone their wedding for another year. The wedding was set for Saturday, May 2, 2020.

“Jared and I met 10 years ago at Anytime Fitness by JCPenney. He asked me on a date and it’s been history ever since. Jared and I have an 11-year difference in our ages. I get to keep him young. Jared is a police officer and I work in crop insurance. He has a daughter, Mia, from a previous marriage, who lives with her mother. We get to have her every other weekend and as much as possible in the summer. We had our son Hylan about four years into our relationship. Hylan was born with Down Syndrome and he has been an absolute blessing to all of us. Hylan loves playing with Mia! They especially love to play outside, and they have a really great relationship.”

After nine years, Jared proposed, and what a proposal! “We were on a cruise and I had hoped he would propose the whole time. He waited until the very last day of our cruise. We went to a restaurant called Wonderland. It was themed after Alice in Wonderland. During dessert, the Mad Hatter brought out a special dish. It had a glass dome over it that was filled with smoke. When he removed the glass dome, all of the smoke disappeared and laying there was the most beautiful ring! He got down on one knee, and I said ‘YES!’”

“It took him nine years for him to ask me to marry him,” said Mayner, “but then the world had other plans.”

“The plan was and is for Mia (13) to be my Jr. Bridesmaid,” Mayner said happily, “and Hylan to walk down the aisle with my mom.”

During the second week in February, 225 invitations were sent out to their guest list. Then came the “shelter at home” order.

“With that order in place, it was just going to be best to postpone the wedding,” said Mayner. “We had a lot of people traveling from California who just weren’t comfortable traveling anymore. I began getting a lot of people canceling and started getting a lot of rejection RSVPs because of the order within a week of mailing the invitations.”

To announce to guests and family that they were postponing the wedding, Mayner said, “We did a Facebook post with our picture and the date crossed out and COVID-19 written in red. We made texts or calls to people who didn’t have Facebook.”

“We were originally going to have the wedding at Reichert’s Barn in Bluff Springs, it would have been an outdoor ceremony.” Unfortunately, Reichert’s Barn is not working with the couple to return their deposit and their venue is only for the months of April, May, June, September and October. With the delay from the coronavirus pandemic, the wedding will now not be held until May 2021 and the location will change to the Waters Edge Winery & Bistro which is set to open this spring on East Morton Avenue in Jacksonville.

When asked how she is doing through all the emotional turmoil, Mayner said, “I have been holding it together pretty well. We have experienced many obstacles in our 10 years together, but we wouldn’t change our path here at all! We are excited for many, many more years to come!”

She said, “Everyone was very supportive and understanding of our decision and that was helpful. It was very important to us for everyone to be there with us on our special day. We considered doing it in the fall, but then I felt like some people might need more time to get back on their feet financially after this is all over. A lot of people will be traveling, and I didn’t want them to feel pressure financially from our wedding. So, we decided to just wait until next spring.”

Mayner explained, “We will send out a new ‘save the date’ and a new invitation as well for next May. “

So with friends and family support, the couple will get through this current situation of uncertainty, postpone their wedding for a year, but keep the vision they had for a spring wedding and change the situation into a positive for a better outcome in 2021.

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