Area man given Quilt of Valor

Area man given Quilt of Valor

By Sue Lambie

In 2003, Catherine Roberts of Seaford, Delaware, had a vision come to her in a dream. At the time, her son was deployed in Iraq. In her dream, she saw a soldier sitting on the edge of his bed in despair with his war demons circling.

Next, she saw the soldier as he was wrapped in a quilt and watched his whole demeanor change from despair to hope. The dream allowed her to witness a positive change in his overall well-being. From her dream, she equated quilts to healing … and that is how a movement that would become nationwide was born.

The mission of the Quilts of Valor® Foundation is to cover service members and Veterans touched or affected by war with comforting and healing “quilts of valor,” for their service going above and beyond the call of duty … for showing courage when faced with danger. As of May 29, the foundation has quilted and presented over 273,353 quilts of valor via the work of 10,000 volunteers across the United States. The Tri-County Quilts of Valor® Foundation (QOVF) has given out 83 beautiful quilts as of June 28.

Jane Henry of the Tri-County QOVF donated a quilt to Gordon Smedley of Ashland last week. Smedley, a World War II Veteran, served as part of a convoy team delivering material to England. He made 11 trans-Atlantic trips as a sonarman on the USS Hammann, a U.S. Navy destroyer escort ship, between 1943 and 1945.

To nominate a service member or Veteran, go to and click on “Request a Quilt.” Or you can pick up a form locally at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop or Times Square Sewing Complex in Jacksonville.

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