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Arenzville has always had stories to tell and memories to share. At the annual Burgoo this year, you could win a quilt commemorating these stories and the 175th Anniversary of the town. The memory quilt, as the creators are calling it, is comprised of 22 vintage photos, an advertisement, and a commemorative embroidered by LGB Embroidery of Jacksonville. 

A photo of the quilt doesn’t do it justice to its details in person. Each picture tells its own tale, shares its own recollection, and is its own piece of Arenzville history. June Stinebaker of Meredosia designed the layout of the photos which have been transferred onto fabric. The fabric was then sewn together by the A to Z quilt shop in Quincy, IL. Stinebaker was gracious enough to donate her time and talent to piece together this queen size (63 x 80 inches) piece of art which Is going to raise funds for the celebration to be bigger and better this year. 

Many of the photos are from Tate and Hester Lovekamp, lifelong residents of Arenzville. The Lovekamps were dedicated to preserving Arenzville history. After their passing, their photo collection was donated to the Village. Below are details for each block of the quilt.

#1 • J.L. Weeks Store, people in photo unknown

#2 • Arenzville Train Depot, people in photo unknown

#3 • Commemorative Block, Embroidered by Lgb Embroidery in Jacksonville, IL

#4 • Beard Implement Co., Pictured L-R: Bob Beard founder and his sons, Gerald (G.B.) Beard and Myron Beard.

#5 • Arenzville House, a hotel built in 1885 on the N.W. Corner of Charles & Main St. where Wessler InsuranceAgency now stands. At the time of this photo it was known as The Chris Zimmerman Hotel & Saloon located in the basement of the building. Zimmerman is pictured on the right end of the porch.* p.98

#6 • Merchant and Farmers Bank: John Theivogt, cashier is pictured. 

#7 • Advertisement for C.F. Lovekamp, dealer in lumber, lath, shingles and lime.

#8 • The small train, elevator and depot. * p.104

#9 • Furniture and Undertaking. Men pictured are unidentified.

#10 • Annual Arenzville Fish Fry, circa 1880. * p.19

#11 • Trinity Lutheran Church

#12 • Triebert’s Barber Shop. Pictured: Mr. Triebert with Marcus Weeks in chair, the other barber is Charles Goule. * p.121

#13 • View of Frederick St. in Arenzville.

#14 • Postcard from collection of Keith Strubbe.

#15 • Triopia’s first undeafeated Football Team, 1960. 

#16 • Arenzville House Saloon. Pictured L-R: Louis Frazier, Frank Menge and bartender Charles Howell.

#17 • Blacksmith/Wagon Shop, Osborne Farm Implements

#18 • Burrus Brothers and Associated Growers Hybrid Seed Corn Dealer.

#19 • Henry Meyer’s Store. Pictured L-R: J.F. Thyen, Mrs. Bauner, Gayle Hierman and Andy Proudfit. *

#20 • The R.J. Ommen Grocery. People pictured are unknown.

#21 • Wessler Brothers Garage Advertisement.

#22 • Arenzville United Methodist Church

#23 • Zuschka School, built 1909

#24 •  Onken Brothers and Meyer Store, circa 1940

* Information from “A Local History Collection of Arenzville” by Theodore and Hester Ham Lovekamp, published in 1988.

The winner of this quilt will own a piece of local history for years and generations to come. If interested in viewing the actual quilt, stop by The First National Bank of Arenzville in Arenzville. Tickets can be purchased by calleing Melissa Mueller at 217.491-6048. Tickets are $5 each or three for $10. The quilt will be raffled off on Saturday, September 6th at the Burgoo festival. A specific time for the raffle is yet to be determined, but you can keep updated via their website of You can see a photo of the quilt on the website, as well.

Melissa Mueller, committee member for the event, says that the quilt has been a great project. While she stayed more on the administrative side of things, she enjoyed seeing all the pieces come together. Mueller describes the town as embodying the phrase “it takes a village.” Arenzville is a village full of memories not to be forgotten, and thanks to this memory quilt, that will surely never happen. 

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