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Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church to hold Bible study:
Explorer’s Bible Study will begin at 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday, September 5 at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church, 951 Lincoln Ave. in Jacksonville.

The study this year will be spent in the Book of Exodus. Classes run from early September 2023 to late April 2024. Come join us as we learn about Moses and him leading his Israelite people out of bondage to the Promised Land.

People from many different churches lead and attend Explorer’s Bible Study classes because they feel it both complements the work of their home church and helps them mature in their relationship with God.

All involved in Explorer’s are encouraged to attend and participate in the full life of their home church.

As class members grow in faith and in their knowledge through in-depth study of God’s Word, they become more motivated and better equipped for service in their local church.

Call 217-473-4515 to register.

The Art Association of Jacksonville announces its 2023-2024 gallery season:
The 2023-2024 gallery season for the David Strawn Art Gallery has been declared. The season is laid out as follows.

September 9-24, 2023
Matt Jagitsch – One White Pencil Drawings

October 7-29, 2023
Toni Long – Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

November 4-26, 2023
Erin Furimsky – Ceramic Sculpture & Jewelry
Carolyn Sommer – Mixed Media Collage

December 2-22, 2023
Ryan Brown – Woodwork

Lou Zale – Altered Images
January 13-28, 2024

Greg Lepper – Photography
Doug Rahn – Photography

February 3-25, 2024
Joanna Marsh – Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

March 2-31, 2024
Ben Kaplan – Digital Collage

April 6-28, 2024
Toni Freesen – Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

May 4-26, 2024
Pen Brady – Contemporary Wildlife Art

The David Strawn Art Gallery is located at 331 W. College Ave. in Jacksonville. Find out more at

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