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2020 Graduate Gives Back to Routt Catholic High School:

Meredith Schilsky, 2020 Routt Catholic High School (RCHS) graduate and current freshman at Maryville University, is already living out a mantra that is well-known throughout the RCHS community, “Enter to Grow … Leave to Serve.” Specifically, she has put into practice the second part of the mantra of “leaving to serve” with a campaign that she recently completed in support of the school.

While Meredith Schilsky was shopping for her dorm room over the summer, her mother, Dr. Linda Schilsky, brought up the idea of having an air filter in her room as an extra precaution that she could take in case someone who lived near her was diagnosed with COVID-19. It’s good for anyone to be cautious regarding the virus, but with Dr. Schilsky working primarily with newborns, it would be a big deal if Meredith or her siblings (Ava and Steven, both juniors at RCHS) were to receive a positive test. As such, all have been extremely cautious since the start of the pandemic. “(Getting an air filter) was just one more step that I could take to ensure my safety,” said Meredith Schilsky.

As they were shopping, her mom made a joke that she wished Ava and Steven could wear an air filter, almost as a backpack, to ensure that they would always be near one — again, simply as an added safety measure. Instead of thinking only in hypothetical terms, Meredith Schilsky suggested that they purchase a machine for each classroom at Routt. However, albeit a kind gesture, her mother reminded her of the cost factor that would be associated with an action like that.

By no means is an air filter absolutely necessary for a classroom to have, but using one is certainly an added measure that a school can take to help keep the environment as safe and healthy as possible. Schilsky didn’t want to accept “no” as an answer, so she creatively began thinking of ways to involve others so her idea could become a reality — $1,500 was her goal, which would cover the cost of an air filter for every classroom at Routt. While she had been involved with fundraisers in the past, given the state of the world she knew that whatever she came up with had to be virtual, so she and her mom began to learn all they could about GoFundMe. They worked on their page for approximately three hours, learning the ins and outs of how things would work, and finally pushed it out to make it known that it was something Meredith Schilsky wanted to do for the school. “It took off — I was really excited about it,” she said.

“People were sharing my Facebook post, sharing the link to the GoFundMe page and donating. We were so excited and so grateful to see the donations that came in from all sorts of people.” After approximately three weeks of the GoFundMe page being active, she reached her goal and the units were delivered to the school on Friday, September 25.

“It’s something that will help Routt even after the COVID pandemic. I’m really excited to see the good that can come out of them.”

While Schilsky has only been at Maryville for a handful of weeks, she’s already making her mark on campus. She’s studying English, with a goal to eventually earn her Ph.D. and become an English professor. “Routt has prepared me well for the classes that I’m taking. I’m able to lead conversations in English class; I’m able to look at and digest literature better than some of my classmates.”

Meredith Schilsky has already signed up for the Community Service Club; the Empower Club; and a program called ABLE, where she not only helps individuals with disabilities, but also makes things more accessible for them and helps raise awareness. What she seems most excited about at this time, however, is the fact that she’s gotten a chance to be involved with the Magnolia Magazine — a literary magazine on campus. “I’m really excited about this. I will help with the editing … help with putting it together. There is also a virtual component that is just getting started — it will deal primarily with video — and I’ll help develop it and get it off the ground.”

Davis elected chairman of the Community Bankers Association of Illinois:

SHAWN DAVIS, President & CEO, CNB BANK & TRUST, N.A, headquartered in CARLINVILLE was elected chairman of the Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI) during the association’s annual business meeting held virtually on Friday, September 25. As chairman, Davis serves on the CBAI board of directors, handles the overall affairs of the association in conjunction with the first and second vice chairman, and serves on its strategic planning and finance committees. He also serves on the Community BancService Corporation board.

Davis received his bachelor’s degree at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in finance. He is also a graduate of the Illinois Bankers School, SIU-Carbondale; Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin, Madison; and Commercial Lending School, Illinois State University, Bloomington.

Davis began his banking career in 1980 at Carlinville National Bank. In 1994, he became the senior lender and in 1999 he became the bank’s CEO. Presently he is the President & CEO of CNB Bank & Trust, NA and Sr. Vice President of CNB Bank Shares Inc. where he serves on both organizations Board of Directors.

He served on the board of CBAI Services Marketing Group from 2005-2014. Davis also serves on the board of Community BancService Corporation and the board of the SHAZAM® Network and the Illinois Transfer System.

Davis lives in Carlinville with his wife, Cheryl. They are parents of one adult son, Michael, wife Brooke and have two granddaughters, Reagan and Olivia.

CNB Bank & Trust, N.A., Carlinville, Wins Excellence and Innovation BKD Award Presented by CBAI Funding | Community Bankers Association of Illinois & BKD co- sponsor award recognizing high-performing member banks

Community Bankers Association of Illinois & BKD co-sponsor award recognizing high-performing member banks: SPRINGFIELD, IL – Kraig Lounsberry, president of the Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI), and Gary Genenbacher, partner and industry leader for BKD National Financial Services Group’s Illinois office, announced that CNB Bank & Trust, N.A., Carlinville (CNBT) won for its entry: “Summer Math Program.” The award was presented prior to the association’s annual business meeting held virtually on Friday, September 25.

Last summer, CNB Bank & Trust, N.A. offered a summer math program for students K-12. The bank worked with local schools to create packets to help students stay fresh with their math skills during the summer, as well as teach financial literacy. Students completing the program received a Visa gift card from the bank and gift certificates that helped promote and support local businesses.

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