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Full Name: Ken Bradbury Website:
Info: Ken Bradbury is an adjunct instructor of theatre at LLLC after retiring from Triopia. He entertains on the Spirit of Peoria riverboat and is the author of over 300 published plays. Website:

Mean Little Kids

A friend and I were cruising east down West Lafayette recently when we came to the intersection ...
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One Good Whiff

A bolt from the blue, a flash from the past. … whatever you want to call it, it was ...
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Bowl Walking Redux

I know that I’ve touched upon this subject before but some areas of study can’t be limited to a ...
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I should be ashamed, I know. Jacksonville is unique for a town its size in that we have our own ...
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I Question That

Some people make New Year’s resolutions, some make promises they’ll never keep, and some simply ...
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Starvation Rations

We were in a little restaurant in Grafton when I saw it on the menu. Corned beef hash. You can ...
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