Bergeron and MacKenzie, photographers featured at Strawn

By: Kelly M. Gross, director

The Art Association of Jacksonville is pleased to welcome Central Illinois photographers Brian MacKenzie and Doug Bergeron from December 3 – 23, at The David Strawn Art Gallery. An opening reception will be held to honor the artists on Saturday, December 3, from 6 – 8 p.m. The opening is free and open to the public.

Brian MacKenzie, from Springfield, Illinois, is an award winning, internationally published photographer serving Central Illinois. He is a juried artist with SSA Collective and owns and operates his own art gallery in Springfield, specializing in nature and real estate photography. MacKenzie wants each of his photographs to tell a story and for the viewer to have a front row seat in his photographic journey.brian-mackenzie-4medium

MacKenzie has won the Illinois Times photo contest and has also placed third, first and best of show in the pro division. This past summer, he was selected to show in a national photo exhibit at the Springfield Art Association. Several of his wildlife images trended on the National Geographic site, “My Shot,” in 2014.

Doug Bergeron, from Mason City, Illinois, is not a classically trained artist. He spent his life in high tech electronics, radio-frequency (RF) engineering and information technology (IT). For Bergeron, photography has always been a personal escape from the high-tech engineering world. While at Bradley University working on an Electrical Engineering degree, he began work on a minor in journalism. As part of the journalism course work, Bergeron enrolled in three photojournalism courses.

While Bergeron has moved on to digital cameras to capture his images, he is not a “digital artist.” All of his photographs have been captured in the camera. Bergeron strives to capture common images that are sharp, crisp and full of detail. For him, the goal is to make the best print from the image captured in the camera, and have the print accurately reflect the pre-visualized image.doug-bereron-6

Bergeron is inspired primarily by the engineered form. His work is rich in strong lines and shapes, architectural details and industrial subjects. He looks for interesting details, which may be lost to the casual observer, in the overall subject, and presents them to the observer as the subject of an image. Much of his subject matter includes unique views of classic, vintage and historic places and objects. He has become noted for the quality of his classic automobiles and transportation images. Although his focus is the engineered form, he falls back upon his photojournalism training to capture images of people, as well.

The exhibit continues through December 23, Sundays from 1 – 3 p.m. and Tuesdays through Saturdays from 4 – 6 p.m. The David Strawn Art Gallery is handicapped accessible.

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