Bike trip over, sharpening remains

Bike trip over, sharpening remains

One of our local business is closing its bicycle business after 58 years. Owned and operated by the Gotschall family, Village Cyclery in South Jacksonville will only take limited bike repairs as they run out of parts. The business is no longer stocking tires and tubes. The store is notifying people to pick up the bikes they have dropped off for repair. Some bikes have been left for more than a year or they have been given numbers that are no longer in service or don’t have answering services attached to them. After a while if people don’t pick them up, they will sell the bikes or scrap them for parts. If you have a bike at the shop, you can call 217-245-5227.

The doors will remain open and they have a few used bikes still left for sale. They also have the remaining stock of accessories such as bike helmets, baskets, seats, bike packs and more.

The sharpening service business will continue to be available and doors open. They sharpen saws and carpentry tools, yard and garden tools, mower blades, clippers, scissors, saw chains and more.

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