Book Review: “Jesus Ain’t No Rock Star”

Book Review: “Jesus Ain’t No Rock Star”

by Anna Ferraro

Ever wondered if the sign over the former Krush Nutrition at 231 East State St. has to do with anything? We did, too. So, to emulate the way that all good things start in a news office, we decided to follow the lead and check it out.

We started with the sign itself — “Go buy our books on Amazon and give them a review.” We did that. We read first, though, then reviewed. And because the review was good, we decided you should hear about it, too. So here it is … a review of “Jesus Ain’t No Rock Star: an expose on the error of modern Christianity” by local author and minister Josh W. Jones.

In this book, author Jones puts out clarion calls to people today to take God’s word literally and apply it to their lives, even in hard, or seemingly awkward, usually counter-cultural areas. He encourages Christians to set aside denominational differences and “return to the original mission given to us by our Lord, which is leading people to Him and to salvation.” What is his information source? The Bible, saying that the Bible alone is our instruction from God, the backbone which supports our relationship with Him. Like the human body, if you remove the backbone, the body falls flat. In the same way, the rejection of God’s word will cause your relationship with Him to fall flat.

In just a few short paragraphs, Jones takes on some of the toughest arguments against the Bible, including: how seeming biblical contradictions are actually validations; how the seeming violences of the Bible are actually pictures of God’s holiness, love, and grace; and the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding versus controlling people’s lives. He discusses how life is an “insolvable, not-enough-information- question … when only portions of the Bible are taken for truth.”

Then, with that as the foundation for his argument, Jones presents the modern dilemma as he sees it — today, Jesus, the Son of God, is treated like a rock star, “here to entertain and please us,” as we make bumper stickers, bobble heads, and t-shirts out of Him, and use His name as an expletive. “How far this world has slipped from the reverence it once paid to our Lord,” said Jones.

If we agree with Jones that this is a problem, the question is, what is the solution? Using simple sentences and real world analogies, Jones lays out answer after answer to the common arguments against the Christian faith, not going into great detail, but simply giving a line item veto through a power-packed statement. He discusses the role of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life, concluding that not only is the Holy Spirit necessary, it is essential — “the Holy Spirit helps us exude Christ in our lives by teaching what He expects from us. When we exude Christ, and hold fast to His teaching, we will have a sense of peace and understanding as to our mission and purpose on earth.”

For skeptics, his line is clear, “Check the scripture for yourself and see what the Word of God says.” He discusses cultural decline and sums it up with saying, “The world is getting worse quicker than ever before. However, the reason so many people aren’t in church is not because the world is so bad; the world is getting so bad because people aren’t in church. Anytime people disconnect from God, things decline rapidly.”

A stellar line we pulled from his writing is, “Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship with Christ. At least … that’s what’s it’s supposed to be.” For that, he lays all responsibility at the door of each individual, saying, “Can the church stop the fighting between denominations, worrying about board meetings, and gossiping about one another – and just get back to praise, worship and the winning of souls? That is totally up to you.”

And at the end of the day, it’s up to you to follow the lead and check it out. If you choose to read Jones’ books and give them a review, you’re responsible for thinking through his presentations of theology and making your own conclusions. With that, do as the sign says, “Go buy [his] books on Amazon and give them a review.”

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