Café is a Family Affair

  • Diners at a large table left to right: Gerri Marshall, Dick Stout, Kim Stout, Orian Stout and Landon Eakins. They were having breakfast of eggs and more and all said the food was excellent.
  • The new interior of Kays Kafe with new wood floors, fresh brightened paint and an airy feel.
  • The new interior of Kays Kafe with new wood floors, fresh brightened paint and an airy feel.
  • Kays Kafe complete with a new wooden top made by Yvette’s husband Brian.
  • Yvette Rimbey and her daughter Kayla Brogdon have opened Kays Kafe together and it is a work of love.

by Lynn Colburn

Come in and enjoy a meal in the new Kays Kafe at 1000 North Main Street at the corner of Main and Walnut. Yvette Rimbey and her daughter Kayla Brogdon have worked hard the last few months brightening the restaurant up with brighter paint, new flooring and decorated it in farm-style rustic.

The café is open from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. on Tuesday through Sunday. On Sundays, they will be serving breakfast all day for family enjoyment. Kays Kafe also has delivery available from 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m., just call 217-602-0699 to order.

The mother-daughter team had planned to open in March, just as things shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic. So, instead, they took the time to do the remodeling, hired new staff and opened July 8. “It gave us more time to clean and do what we wanted with it,” says Brogdon. The restaurant is named for the nickname that her mother calls her, Kays. “That’s why there is no apostrophe in the name,” explains Brogdon.

“When people walk in, they can’t believe how different it looks,” says Rimbey. “It is clean and bright. We put a lot of work into it. I worked for Butch and Laura Wood when they had this place when it was called North End and loved it back then. And, actually, this is where I met my first husband who died.”

Rimbey, who lives in Athensville, says “I have been in the restaurant business since she was 15 years old. I have managed several places. I used to live here and moved away about nine years ago. And I decided I wanted to come home and run a restaurant.”

“We try to keep it as home-cooked and hand-breaded as possible. Whatever we can make from scratch we do,” says Brogdon. “We have burgers, wraps, salads and all the basics. We have a fried pickle burger that everybody seems to really like. It’s a little different than everywhere else. And our hangover omelet that has hash browns, ham, sausage, bacon and cheese inside and then is smothered in gravy, is one of our most popular breakfast items.”

Rimbey and her husband Brian owned the Friends and Family Café in Greenfield which burned down on a Sunday morning, January 12, after an early morning fire broke out damaging the café along with Randy Fergurson Insurance and Bev’s Baskets and Bows wedding storage rentals.

“We had decided to buy this restaurant before mom’s restaurant caught fire,” said Brogdon. “I like to think my dad had something to do with the timing of that. Because her husband, my stepfather, raised me and he passed away nine years before at the same time she got that call about the fire. Then she called me. I kind of like to think he kind of brought us together in that way, because I was going to run this one and she was going to run that one, and now we are running this one together. So, it actually brought us together a little bit.”’

“We would love to have a grand opening,” both women say, “but at this time with all that is going on, it’s hard to.” Brogdon says, “We’re still trying to get things worked out in the restaurant. People haven’t worked in so long. We’re still new and everyone is trying to get in the swing back in the kitchen and get their rhythm.”

Seating is separated so people can be socially distant when they come in to eat also.

Dick Stout seated with others at a large table said, “It is delicious. Everyone should come try it. I’ve never had food this good here.”

Head on over and try out some of the delicious food at Kays Kafe, or if you are not ready to go out yet, try it by delivery. Help support this new business in Jacksonville.

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