Card Creator

Sam Bobor started sending handmade cards to family and friends during the height of the pandemic as a way to stay connected.

She started with watercolors, then moved to embroidered cards. Bobor said she was able to move on to more intricate cards after getting a Cricut.

“I love cards, and I was like, ‘this would be a good way to stay connected with other people besides just like a text message here or there.’ That’s really why I started doing the greeting cards,” Bobor said.

Bobor said she started putting the personal cards she was making on Instagram and started to receive requests for custom cards. She decided to market her work a bit more, and joined Illinois Local, a community of small business owners, to take part in vendor fairs.

Bobor said she loves gift-giving, and cards are a great way to give a tailored gift, that shows the person how much you are thinking of them. She said she was also partly

inspired by her mom, who always is on the hunt for the perfect card.

“My mom would browse the card aisle and think of a specific card for a specific person. She spends half an hour picking out two or three cards. I think that’s really the

inspiration – what is going to fit a certain person and put a smile on their face,” Bobor said.

Bobor said she often sells her watercolor and embroidery cards as a set, while her Cricut is used for more specifically tailored cards such as 90th birthday for an avid golfer, which was a recent custom order she received.

“Cricut is great because you can design your own.

Because it’s so quick, you can really do something tailored for someone else. The Cricut just like opens up a lot of doors to do more,” Bobor said.

Bobor is an attorney at Griffin Winning, Cohen & Bodewes, and said because her work is so detailed and organized, she is glad she is able to have a hobby that allows her to be creative.

”It was nice to just have a hobby to start and decompress for a day. And then as it got going, I’m just like, oh people actually like this. People want to send cards and it just grew from there,” Bobor said.

To find Bobor cards visit her Instagram Page at social_creations_co.

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