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Access to quality, affordable health care is important to the overall health and well-being of not only our families, but to our community as a whole. In August 2016, Central Counties Health Centers (CCHC) opened its doors in Jacksonville at 1440 West Walnut Street and provides quality, affordable medical and dental health care. CCHC’s mission is to provide quality, affordable medical, dental and behavioral health care to anyone who enters its doors, without regard to socioeconomic barriers, including ability to pay. CCHC accepts Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and the uninsured. All services for the uninsured are provided on a sliding scale fee, based on income.

CCHC – Jacksonville is a federally qualified health center, or community health center and is one of five sites operated by the main health center site located in Springfield. CCHC is one of more than 40 health center organizations in Illinois and serves nearly 13,000 patients annually. Health centers in Illinois serve 1.3 million patients statewide, and are strong economic engines injecting around $800 million in operating expenditures into their communities. CCHC employs more than 80 full time staff and has a total economic contribution of more than $12 million throughout the communities in which it serves.

Since the nation’s first health centers opened in 1965, expansion of the federally-supported health center system to over 1,400 organizations has created an affordable health care option for over 25 million people. Health centers help increase access to crucial primary care by reducing barriers such as cost, lack of insurance, distance, and language for their patients. In doing so, health centers provide substantial benefits to the country and its health care system.

Central Counties Health Centers, along with other health centers across the country:

  • Provides highly efficient and cost-effective care, generating $24 billion in savings for the health care system annually. In Illinois, community health centers serve 24% of the Medicaid population yet only account for 2% of total Medicaid spending.
  • Increases access to timely primary care, playing a role in reducing costly, avoidable emergency department (ED) visits and hospital stays. The average cost for a health center medical visit was less than one-sixth the average cost of an ED visit in 2012.
  • Delivers a broad array of primary and preventive care services, including screening, diagnosis and management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, heart and lung disease, depression, cancer and HIV/AIDS.
  • Reduces mortality, health disparities and risk of low birth weight with the care they deliver.
  • Offers numerous enabling services such as transportation, translation, case management and health education in order to ensure their patients are receiving the care they need.

(National Association of Community Health Centers, http://www.nachc.org/about-our-health-centers/how-health-centers-make-a-difference/)

Central Counties Health Centers, Inc. provides medical care at its Jacksonville location on Monday from 8am-5pm and Wednesday from 9am-6pm. Dental services are now offered Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8am-5pm and Wednesday 9am-6pm. Please call 217-788-2300 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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