Charlie’s Coffee & Cones Blurbs

Khara Koffel

If the idea of bellying up to a metal countertop in sweltering heat and feeling a cool blast of air-conditioning hit your face along with the sugary scent of ice cream doesn’t automatically make you think of summer, I don’t think we can be friends. There’s something about the balance of heat and cool along with the tantalizing decision of choosing a favorite flavor for the day that almost makes rocketing temperatures and horrific humidity tolerable. Almost. Thankfully for those of us who can make it to Charlie’s Coffee & Cones, there are two women in particular – Emma and Lisa – who work together to ease our summer weariness.

1 – Seeing Lisa or Emma climb onto their little box to greet everyone with a smile was one of the highlights of my day – whereas I would have probably fallen from the box and ended up with fifty bruises and a face full of ice cream, they dance up there like they have done it for years … which they have.

2 – A highlight of my day was when Emma, the queen of the ice cream “twirl,” was willing to give me a lesson. Seriously, look at her skills! She’s like a dang Michelangelo of dairy.

3 – As the resident rookie for the day, I was glad to see the “Nobody’s Perfect” sign – I felt like I could just point to it with a sheepish grin if I messed anything up too much, and the fact that all of their sweet family photos also graced the cork board was extra reassuring.

4 – To see Emma and Lisa work both windows at the same time without even speaking was like watching a well-oiled machine. These two have been working seamlessly together for so long that several times my contribution was to jump out of the way so that they could just go ahead and get the job done.

5 – How these women don’t weigh 700 pounds each, I have no idea.

6 – If you have never had the chance to saddle up to the counter at Charlie’s, you should probably drop what you are doing right now and go.

7 – Decisions, decisions. I’m a sucker for anything with peanut butter; but after some taste tasting, the cotton candy hard ice cream came out of left field to be a personal favorite.

8 – Next time, I’m going to get them to let me mess with the sign. Who doesn’t want to change a sign?

9 and 10 – (go ahead, hate me for combining them, I dare you) Being inside the heart of Charlie’s Coffee & Cones was amazing; it’s as colorful and beautiful as the treats that come out of it.

11 – Even the soft-serve machine is proud to be a member of the Charlie’s Coffee & Cones family.

12 – The master and the student – clearly I will not be quitting any of my jobs to become a freelance soft-serve cone maker, because I am terrible at it. Many thanks to the lovely Lisa and stunning Emma for letting me tag along and get in the way. Please give them my love the next time you stop by for your food fix!

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