Chris “CJ” Johnson Runs for sherrif

Chris “CJ” Johnson, a 24-year veteran of law enforcement, and a lieutenant with the Jacksonville Police Department, announced his run for Sheriff in the 2018 election.

Johnson sees being the Sheriff as the next step in his career. He has been thinking about this decision for a long time and believes now is the time to take the step. “I’ve been thinking about running for sheriff for several years. I’ve talked to a lot of people in Morgan County who have encouraged me and my family and have offered their support to me in my decision to run for sheriff.”

Johnson said his priorities would include policies and training. He looks forward to helping the officers of the Sheriff’s Department get training and support and have the constant reassurance they are doing the right thing. In addition, Johnson wants policies in place for the corrections officers at the Morgan County Jail so they also can work to their highest performance. He believes training opportunities will assist with this as well.

Johnson began his law enforcement career in 1993, when he became a correctional officer at the Morgan County Jail. In September 1995, he joined the Jacksonville Police Department as a patrolman. He was promoted to sergeant in July 2004 and to lieutenant in December 2010. He also has served as one of the police department’s field training officers and as coordinator of its field training program. Johnson has served on the police department’s special resporesponds to large public demonstrations and natural disasters, among other things.

The 46-year-old Johnson is the son of Ralph and Agnes Johnson of rural Pisgah. He and his wife, Mindi, have three

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