CNB Bank & Trust Jacksonville Night

CNB Bank & Trust Jacksonville Night

CNB Bank & Trust is pleased to announce that we have partnered with JHS Baseball and Illinois College for the best Jacksonville Night ever!! Jacksonville Night is a community event, and everyone is welcome!! All proceeds from the event go to Jacksonville Area Baseball. JAB & Pony Colt Leagues offer baseball and softball to young boys and girls ages 4-16. Mayor Ezard states, “Hundreds of kids have played in JAB, so I think it’s a great idea to help fund their efforts. “I know they appreciate this extra support!” Matt Martin, Vice President of the Pony Colt League states, “We look forward to partnering with CNB again this year. We are honored to be chosen for the third year in a row as recipients of this great fundraising event. Not only is this a great event, but the proceeds we have received in the past helped sponsor several kids into the league, purchased new equipment plus offset numerous other costs that the league incurs every year.”

Shelley Singleton, Director of Marketing, of CNB states, “We are thrilled to partner with Illinois College and JHS Baseball. When we reach our goal of selling 1,500 tickets, Illinois College President, Dr. Barbara Farley, will be throwing out the first pitch and the JHS Baseball team will have the opportunity for their players to play an exhibition game at Busch Stadium. Dr. Farley suggested to Mike Matheny that she would love for him to catch her pitch in the ceremony!! We have looked forward to this season since we wrapped up last year’s phenomenal game with the late Helen Henry Glisson throwing out the first pitch!! The entire branch is excited to see who will walk in next to purchase tickets. We anticipate this year’s game to sell out fast. We have already been receiving calls and selling tickets!”

If you need special seating accommodations, please let the bank know so they can decide for you. Now is the time to come in and secure your “great seats”. If you like the aisle or want to sit as a group, now’s the time to pick them up. CNB will make every effort to find the seats that work best for you. If you have family coming from out of town, they can purchase tickets online and meet you at the game!!

Buses will be available again this year for just $25 per person. We are offering a Family Bus and an Illinois College Bus. If you have a large group and want to plan your own bus, just let us know. A big thanks to Executive Transportation for providing these luxury buses. Buses will meet at CNB Bank at 9:30am and depart at 10am toward the stadium for the 1:15pm game. Once you arrive at the game, you will be conveniently dropped off and picked up at Gate 6 on Broadway Street on the first base side.

Tickets are only $60 each and can be purchased at CNB Bank & Trust at 1351 Lincoln Ave. or $62 each online at WWW.CNBIL.COM. If you are unable to attend the game and would like to donate for a child to attend, please contact the bank or make your donation online at the CNB website.

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