A cold and carbonated holiday

A cold and carbonated holiday

by Anna Ferraro

The year was 1893. F. J. Wisner, the head of a mining company had finished another wearying day of work. Standing alone that summer night under the starry Colorado sky, he looked up at the moon. Legend has it that in the moment of his gaze into the boundless sky, he envisioned himself ladling vanilla ice cream into a cup of what was known then as “children’s beer” – a beverage that was not alcoholic at all, but simply, soda.

And so he did – into the ice cream cooler his ladle dove, finding a creamy corner to capture, and carving out a crater in its place. As the dollop of vanilla amazingness hurdled out of the ladle and towards his mug, Wisner smiled. It splashed carelessly into the foaming soda, creating a mini fountain over the edges that drizzled onto Wisner’s work worn trousers. Colorado was hot and dry – but his throat was no longer. In that moonlit moment, root beer floats were born. And they have proliferated ever since – from sea to shining sea.

He called it “Black Cow Mountain,” and then shortened the name to “Black Cow.” It stuck. Since Wisner’s stunning moment in 1893, millions have tasted his iconic “Black Cow” beverage – and loved it. While it was invented in Colorado, the beverage has swept the entire nation, in totally in style everywhere, and is brought to you most often by A&W® Restaurants.

[Yes, it’s full of sugar, and sugar that’s usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup, and yes, it’s very high in calories. But, when it’s all for the cause of a national holiday; somehow, it’s more justifiable.]

Hence, we at The Source call you to celebrate at A&W® on August 6, 2017. Celebrate America and the workingman who gave us root beer floats. Celebrate some carbonated cold as an arid August descends upon us. And celebrate the local individuals at A&W® who will gaily serve up voluminous amounts of FREE small root beer floats on the aforesaid day with ANY purchase (By the way, they’re not sponsors of this holiday, but they sure do love it over there!).

As you drink up at A&W®, do it in style. Donations to Disabled American Veterans are encouraged. And in truth, you’ll be celebrating “National Root Beer Float Day” – the American holiday that’s cold and carbonated. Cheers!

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