Congrats to The Source Students of the Month!

  • Our Saviour School
Abby Shireman
4th Grade
Parents: Andrew and Crystal Shireman  

Abby is an outstanding student both academically and socially.  She always tries her hardest in class, and when something is challenging for her she perseveres through it.  Abby is a friend to everyone. She works well with all of her classmates and is the first to volunteer to partner with someone who is having trouble finding a partner. Abby is such a kind soul and is always willing to help in any way she can. She shows excellent character to both me, her fellow classmates, and her school
  • Triopia
Lance Bogner
6th grade
Parents: Curt & Sydonia Bogner
Lance stands out for his continual kindness, his respect towards others and for his commitment to the betterment of himself and his peers.
  • Lincoln Elementary School – Jacksonville School District 117
Chloe Vega
6th grade
Parents:  Mr. and Mrs. McNeece
Chloe is an excellent student, has all A
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