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  • Hylan DeGroot, the son of Tacy Mayner and Jared DeGroot, shares his heart.
  • Photo/Submitted to The Source
A local residence shares the heart in honor of medical care workers and offers another message, request for support.
  • Photo/Marcy Patterson
Morgan County Sheriffs Department Bailiff Luke Tapscott secures the courthouse ­during the recent shelter-in-place initiative.
  • Photo/Submitted to The Source
Physical Therapist Joey Birdsong has been redeployed to work as hospital security at Passavant Hospital.
  • Photos/Submitted to The Source
Gary Webb a security officer and Kim Ash, a physical therapist, are both essential personnel at Passavant Hospital.
  • Photo/Elcrow Photography
Cory Garner stopped to visit the rabbits placed in the front yard of Jeff and Crissie Olejnik. The Easter bunnies, along with a pretty chair, invite passersby to stop and take a photo to brighten up the long days. Olejnik then encourages people to share the photos on her Facebook page. The pretty home, situated on the coroner of State and Webster is also the home of many other entertaining seasonal decorations. Thanks for the share, Olejniks!
  • Photo/Submitted to The Source
Clara Braucht shared her rainbow.
  • Photo/Submitted to The Source
Three kids, supervised by their mother, showed up to draw sidewalk art at Passavant Area Hospital this week.  The heart has become the universal show of support for health care workers during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Photo/Beth Hopkins 
Mayor Andy Ezard and Vance Kesinger discuss the different water samples that are taken. The City of Jacksonville Water Department employees are essential personnel.

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