Kelly Johnson became a part of the CrossFit community three years ago. She is not just any CrossFit enthusiast, though. This year she was the winner of the Jacksonville CrossFit competition in May. 

Johnson goes to CarriageHouse CrossFit in Jacksonville. She says that owners Pete and Natalie Lira work very hard to encourage everyone and keep everyone safe during each session. CrossFit is not just any workout. Johnson says that she enjoys how each and every day is different. It’s definitely not your typical gym routine. A day’s workout can range from gymnastics to running, kettle bell to squats.

This competition was Johnson’s third. Each competition is an all day event with three “WOD”s or workouts of the day. There are four divisions of competitors – RX men, RX women, Scaled men, and Scaled women. Scoring for each division is based on how you place in each of the WODs. RX simply means that the athlete is completing all the modalities with the recommended amount of reps and weights. In case you missed the Jacksonville competition, it definitely held its own on the difficulty scale. For the first WOD, contestants completed tire flips and partner sit-ups where they tossed a medicine ball between them. The second WOD was a one minute row with a partner, thrusters and snatches with a partner for 6 minutes, and then another minute row with your partner taking over. The third and final WOD was jump ropes, leg lunges, kettle bell swings, squats, burpies, and if that’s not enough, in between each of those they had to complete a shuttle run. At the end of this third WOD they received their score based on how many deadlifts they could complete. Johnson believes that between her and her partner, Tierany Craig, they completed 7 minutes worth of deadlifts about two hundred and forty three in all.

Johnson says that her and her CrossFit partner, Craig, work well together. Craig goes to Qtown CrossFit and knows Johnson through volleyball coaching. Johnson currently teaches 4th through 6th grade science at Triopia. Originally from Franklin, Johnson attended Routt and Our Saviors and now calls Jacksonville home.

Johnson advises anyone and everyone to give CrossFit a chance. She knows that it can be intimidating and scary from the outside, but she says that once you give it a shot, it is not so bad. Her recommendation is to stick with it. Too many people come in and try it for a month or two and then give up because they are nervous that they won’t succeed, but Johnson says that “everyone can excel with CrossFit.” This isn’t just a workout for her, though. Johnson says that she has met numerous friends through the program, too. While any type of exercise is good for individuals, Johnson says that this has been the most enjoyable for her. After doing it for three years, she feels like it is her “medicine” that she would like to take as often as possible. 

So, don’t be intimidated. Who knows, in three years, you may have an article right here about how you just won a CrossFit competition, too.

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