Dreaming of horses

By Kyla Hurt

Meet Joshua and Tiffany Wohlers. The husband and wife team help the grand opening of Wohlers Stables a few months back and they’re quite the pair. It’s the type of sweet fairytale fall-into-place kind of tale told of these two. Opening the stables has been a lot of work, time, money … and heart. They met in 2010 when each worked for different businesses, but a project required the businesses to work together … which meant the two would be working “hand-in-hand,” (pun intended). “I’d had my eye on her a long time,” grinned Joshua Wohlers. One Friday, they worked together and the next day, Joshua Wohlers went back and asked her out. That was December 4 of 2010. A noon wedding on 12/12/12 and wedding photos with horses made their love official. Fast forward a few years to a six-hour horse ride they took around Waverly. “We just rode and talked” during that trek. Both have always loved and been around horses and Wohlers Stables was just in a dream stage at that time. The dream has come true. Buildings were started in July 2016 and the grand opening event was April 30, 2017. Contained on the 14 acres of land is the Wohlers’ home, a 110 feet by 42 feet stall barn, a 66 feet by 60 feet arena barn, 14 horses (12 owned by the Wohlers, plus two boarders), a barn that holds tack and an assortment of spaces for pygmy goats and chickens. There is a lot to see and my, oh my, it is pretty out there. Joshua and Tiffany try to ride every day themselves, plus they offer riding lessons for age three and up. There’s comfort … there’s peace with horses, they say. “I think what’s unique about our (stables) is that it’s a really fun-oriented place. There’s a lot of love in this place,” said Tiffany Wohlers. Eventually, the Wohlers would like to add stalls and increase the arena space, but this is perfect for now. Tiffany Wohlers summed it up, “Everything starts as a dream.”

Wohlers Stables is located at 3285 Pitchford Road in Waverly. Call 217-494-9869 or visit www.wohlersstables.com to contact Joshua and Tiffany Wohlers about their stables.

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