Duvendack for Sheriff

As a 21 year old graduate of Western Illinois University, I was looking for employment when I
heard that Sheriff Jackson was looking to hire some new deputies in Morgan County. Until that time I
had not considered that I would end up in law enforcement. Growing up on a farm I was accustomed to
hard work and being taught to treat others as you expect to be treated. I always seemed to be able to
get along with about anybody. So I took Morgan County’s test and was hired soon after. As a new
deputy I worked patrol and also filled shifts inside the jail as a jailer. I was fortunate to get in at a time
when the sheriff’s office was becoming more professional with more required training. I was promoted
fairly quickly, and spent the bulk of my career in detectives, the last 17 years being in charge of
investigations. I worked over 19 years for Sheriff Jackson, and then 12 more for Sheriff Robson, finally
becoming Chief Deputy for a year and a half prior to being elected Sheriff in 2006. During my career I
was fortunate to attend some great training including 11 weeks at the FBI National Academy. I learned a
lot from each Sheriff, and I thank each for the opportunities they gave me.
 Along the way I was married to Naomi Stuart, and had 3 daughters Laura, Sarah, and Holly. I
remember being asked why I did not go to the State Police or FBI. I said this was our home, and I always
wanted the kids to know their roots, and to know where home is. Now with 5 grandkids (almost 6), I
want to continue to strive to make Morgan County a better place to live, to leave a place better than
you found it.
 As Sheriff since 2006, we’ve made many improvements here. In the last year we lost 2 deputies
to retirement, and 2 to other employment. As soon as replacements are trained we’ll be to near 24 hour
patrol coverage. We’ve upgraded our radio equipment, added Tasers for patrol, and in car cameras to
aid traffic enforcement. We make many more drug and DUI arrests then before. Just this last year we’ve
added the first ever K-9 program to the force. In the jail we added extra cameras, upgraded the inmate
phone system to record calls for safety, and contracted with a health care provider to provide better
service at a cheaper cost. Our inmate phone system, in house commissary, use of government surplus
property, etc., have allowed us to generate revenue, and save tax dollars. Each year we have strived to
work with other officials, and work within our budget, and I will continue to do that. Soon we may have
the possibility of a combined dispatch system, involving multiple agencies, which would further enhance
communications and emergency services for this area. I look forward to serving Morgan County 4 more
years, to continue to make this a safer place to live.
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