Ed’s on the Curve

Murrayville boasts new place to eat, drink and play

By Kyla Hurt

There’s a new place to go in Murrayville. The old American Legion building has been purchased and given a makeover. The space that had been sitting empty and unused for close to a decade has new life as “Ed’s on the Curve.”

Ed’s on the Curve is named as such for owner Ed Baker … and, well … it is on a curve. Go there to grab some food or a beer, play the slots or stop in just for some welcoming “round table” gab.

“You know, I’m 67. I’m retired,” says Baker of starting his new business, adding with a chuckle, “Well, I was retired.”

Just south of Heavenly Delight in Murrayville, Ed’s on the Curve opened March 23. Baker says that he had been chatting with Murrayville Police Chief Derek Suttles one day about the then-empty building, which lead him to a more serious inquiry of the place.

Baker worked out a purchase from the Legion and then figured out licensing, including what is supposedly the first ever liquor license for the village. “I had an idea of what I wanted to do … a vision,” he says.

Then, he really began. In 23 days, Baker had the place renovated. He gutted it, floor to ceiling, using all licensed contractors. Baker shares, “I wanted it done right — and it’s been done right.”

His new business has it all: two new bathrooms, a new kitchen, new electric and plumbing, central air, insulation and more. Plus, there are three new 75” TVs mounted throughout to watch sports or anything else.

The space is open and well-lit. In fact, Baker says he has some older ladies who come in and watch Hallmark movies. “I’m trying to do things a bit for everybody,” he says.

There are darts, bags tournaments, Golden Tee and other games, including a five-foot-tall walled video gaming room that holds six different slot games behind its swinging doors.

There is a lot of “new” indeed; still, there’s some great “old.” The new bar top is made from a shuffleboard he found in the basement. Baker recycled corrugated tin and 235 wooden pallets to create walls. He’s also made Ed’s on the Curve handicapped accessible.

People comment about the transition. Baker says it has just been a lot of fun. “We’re rockin’ and rollin’. … We sell beer out of an ice chest (he smacks the top of it), coldest beer in town.”

As for the food, Baker says he likes to cook and calls it fun, comfort food. He notes, “I do some ribs that’ll knock your socks off.” The menu offers items such as onion rings, sloppy joes, steak fries, tater tots (loaded or not) and a special “Ed’s Curve Dog,” which is a 1/4-pound, all beef dog with all the stuff — chili, cheese, jalapeños, bacon and onion — all on a special hoagie bun. “It’s the size of a football,” laughs Baker.

Ed’s on the Curve is open Tuesday-Thursday from 4-9 p.m.; Friday, 4 p.m.-midnight; Saturday, 2 p.m.-midnight; and Sunday from 2-7 p.m. Food is available anytime. Baker will also list food specials on their Facebook page.

Baker works Ed’s on the Curve himself and has hired two other people to work. He lives in Woodson with his wife, Brenda.

Baker notes, “I really enjoy the town. There’s a lot of friendly people. … I’ve had people from Tennessee to, my gosh … a lot of different places … they’re passing by and stop. … Last week, we had the Ice Cream Mafia [of Springfield] stop in.”

Visit Ed Baker and his crew at Ed’s on the Curve, located at 101 Main St. in Murrayville. They’re sure to serve up some hospitality. Baker says, “I think it’s neat because these little towns need something. … This here? Well, I like people.”

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