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 Sue Schleyhahn, Infection Prevention manager at Passavant Area Hospital, participates in one of the daily meetings of hospital leaders to update and implement Passavant’s COVID-19 preparation and management plans.
  • by Tiffany Warmowski 

Alderman Steve Warmowski is receiving a haircut from his son Nicholas.
  • JHS Senior Macey Hynes is one of the many seniors that had their final high school year disrupted and is unsure of her official graduation schedule.
  • Steven He, MD (center) prepares to enter a patient room on the COVID-19 Care Unit at Passavant Area Hospital. Helping Dr. He put on PPE (personal protective equipment) are Cari Graham, RN (left) and Robin Talkemeyer, supervisor of Imaging Clerical Services, redeployed to serve as a safety monitor.
  • Flower donation: A fresh flower in a vase, one of eight bouquets donated by A Bloom Bar to honor healthcare workers, looks pretty on the information desk in the main lobby of Passavant Area Hospital. Due to visitor restrictions at this time, all tokens of encouragement as well as donations of food and supplies to the hospital must be prearranged by contacting Pam Martin at
  • Alaina Sparrow enjoys some time away from on-line learning with time in the hammock at Illinois College.
  • McGuire – The Art Association of Jacksonville cancelled the 63rd annual Beaux Arts Ball scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2020. Megan McGuire and Sara Schumacher were co-chairs for this year’s event. McGuire and her family celebrated the “Run for the Roses” theme at home. McGuire stated it was a night filled with laughs. Her family dressed up, posed for a photo, and immediately got back into sweatpants and enjoyed pizza. She stated she and her husband Ryan did enjoy a Mint Julep in honor of the Kentucky Derby Theme. Ryan, Megan Alex, and Claire
  • Kayla Sharrow, RN, redeployed from the surgery department, stands outside a Forward Triage Tent outside the Emergency Department at Passavant Area Hospital.

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