Great patient experience: why we do what we do

Watching a loved one slowly slip away is a journey that no family wants to contemplate. The loss of our beloved Sarah was deeply emotional, but the experience included many acts of kindness, which softened the blow.

There was an army of friends and family who lovingly and generously gave comfort and support. Then there were the additional reinforcements from the staff at Passavant Hospital. Prior treatment had been provided in St. Louis before returning home to Jacksonville. When in-home care became too medically challenging, she was admitted to Passavant for palliative care. The individualized and professional care that she received went beyond what we expected. The attention to detail and the rapid, personalized response to patient needs insured Sarah’s dignity and comfort at the end of her life. She was treated like a family member and we were provided with the support and amenities that made our bedside vigil more comfortable. Not a single staff member on 2 South or TCU left the room without asking if they could do anything for us or get us something. We had a comfort cart sent daily from dietary and the benefit of daily visits and prayers from the hospital chaplains. The humanity shown by each and every person meant so much during a time that we needed it most. Numerous staff members even stopped at the end of their shift to say good-bye to Sarah and to tell her when they would return.

Employees are the beating heart of Passavant Hospital and the hospital’s health depends on them. We’re fortunate to have a facility like Passavant that is clearly “alive and well.” Our most sincere thanks to all of you.

The Family of Sarah Hopper

The following handwritten note was also included:

Dear Mr. Rahn,

You should be proud of the job your staff is doing and I’m sure you are. Transitions are never easy, but the merging with Memorial seems to have been a good move for our community. The level of care here was outstanding and every one – from housekeeping to dietary; doctors to nurses and aides; clergy to volunteers – could not have been nicer. I came daily for several hours and was never disappointed.

Thank you,
Dianne Silva

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