Healthy Gourmet – Recharge

Healthy Gourmet – Recharge

Well it’s that time – when we start thinking about the new year and the changes we want to make to our life, I guess you call those resolutions. I imagine we are all exhausted after the holidays.

It’s natural. We love it, we enjoy it, we eat too much and now we’re ready for a change, so let’s recharge! Here are some suggestions to help you recharge. Just make a slow start and do what you can for now.

First thing we should do is get up and move! Movement makes is feel more awake, while inactivity tells our body it is time to rest. Move – take a walk, stretch, do something that makes you move.

Start eating smart- just start. It’s probably at the top of our list after all of the rich and delicious food we have been consuming. But a small start is good and prepares us for our full blown makeover of our diet after the first of the year – isn’t that the time that we always start?

Very important – get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation impairs our judgment, reaction time and other mental functions. Yes I realize this is contradictory to my first suggestion – we need both.

Now we’re back to moving again. Turn on the radio, tv, Ipod , anywhere you can hear some upbeat music. Listening to music is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get an extra jolt of energy, especially if you get up and dance.

Chat it up! Chatting with positive people can do a lot for your happiness and the happiness you pass on to other people.

Seek out the sun – if you can find any! And even if we have sun, the temperature can still be very cold. Taking as much as you can tolerate, try to get out and take a short walk in the sun.

Smell some citrus – just one whiff can lift your spirits and clear your minds.

Or you can try the smell of peppermint. This also can help you be more alert and focused. Drink a nice cup of hot peppermint tea.

Wake up with water. Using hot and cold water hydro- therapy can also boost your energy. Take a nice warm shower and finish with a cold rinse. That ought to perk you up!

There are many ways and things we can do to reju- vanate our bodies and mind. But right now the best thing we can do for ourselves is just relax and enjoy the after glow of the holidays.

After the first of the year we will really start with a plan to recharge – whatever that may be for you. You can start thinking about it when you have a free moment. Do you want more energy, loose weight, or overall better health. They all go hand in hand. There are so many eating plans available that it might be hard to pick the best one for you. You need to take into consideration your life- style and what you want to be your prime goal. Do some research on each plan you are thinking about using. If you have any medical issues, discuss your plan with your doctor. I plan on doing some research on the wheat free diet. Remember wheat free and gluten free are different, so the research and doctor consultation is important. I wouldn’t advise taking any diet pills of any kind, unless doctor ordered, or trying any offbeat diet.

There are many ways to get healthy – we know that. Just remember there is no easy fix. Believe me if I had that solution I would be a wealthy woman or at least have a TV show!

We’ll adjourn for now. I’m getting excited about changing my diet and recharging! I hope you are too!

As we get started, let’s limit the amount of candy and sweets we eat (even though we hate to see them go to waste), and double up on the contents of the fruit basket you got. The fruit will taste really good after all of the rich food. Get your plan in order and get ready to start!

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