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I know you’ve said it many times already, but have you said it to yourself? We need to put all sad or bad things behind us and look forward and believe that 2014 will be a wonderful year!

I, myself, don’t make resolutions, but I do have a to-do list. And believe me, it will take a year to complete it.

Of course, many of us will start our list with eating healthy and losing weight. Those of you who are already at your prime weight and are eating the right kinds of foods, I applaud you! Suggestions: cut out sweets, eat more fruits and vegetables, watch the carbs, you know – all the things we have talked about many times. Do some research on eating plans so you will know where you want to start.

If you haven’t done this for awhile and you’ve reached a certain age, go have a physical. You can assess your own health before you go, so you will know what to discuss with your doctor. Don’t be one of those that says,” I feel fine. I don’t need to see a doctor.” A lot of health problems do not present themselves with any symptoms. Better be safe than sorry.

OK, we now have a clean bill of health and can move forward with our “list.” I have already started thinking about my garden and flower beds, just picking out what I want to plant. We usually get our garden in before my husband starts field planting, but it’s hard to predict. We just do what we can when we can. Don’t worry (this is a big thing), it will get done. And there, are always farmer’s markets. They always seem to get it done. I love it when we start getting fresh produce, but then I get really tired of fixing it, canning or freezing it, giving it away and deciding what to do with the rest of it. Fresh produce waits for no one. You have to pick it, process it or cook it when it is ready, not when you are ready.

Another suggestion (not  new)- MOVE! I like that better than saying “get some exercise.” It sounds easier. That moving can be whatever you like to do. It can be going to the gym and working hard, strolling around the neighborhood (when it’s not too cold), exercising to a workout video, or dancing around the house (this is my favorite at this time of the year – not too, too much work and it’s warm in the house). And you can proceed to the more difficult at your own pace. Don’t forget your spouse or the kids. This should be a family effort done together, or everyone do there own thing.

Well, I ended the year with a not so good dinner. Oh, it was good, but not the best for you. We had fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried apples, and corn that I froze last summer, and ended with caramel apple bread pudding with caramel sauce. Our last hurrah for 2013. But that year is over and a new one is starting. So good luck with your “to-do list,” and don’t get discouraged if you sway away, just start again! We can do it!

Happy New Year!

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