JACKSONVILLE, IL – The Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation takes pleasure in announcing that Helena Chemical has been selected to receive the 2017 Harold Cox Award for Industry of the Year. EDC representatives will present the award to Jason Smith during the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporations Annual Meeting tonight.

Through the course of the last two years, Helena has created a new premier agronomy center. The project started with the cleanup of the site in January 2015. By that fall completion of the new NH3 facility and the truck scale were complete and operational. In January 2016, they moved into the freshly completed office and their new maintenance shop. In the fall of that year, they were able to load the 5000-ton dry fertilizer house and operate out of it providing product to our growers and to two additional Helena locations. The last item completed was their liquid fertilizer and chemical warehouse that went into full operation spring 2017 completing the major components of the project.

Helena Chemical prides itself on people, products, and knowledge with an emphasis on people. We ask a tremendous amount from our employees during the busy spring and fall. Our team works well together, and we feel we have accomplished our goals when our customer is taken care of to the best of our ability. Being part of a large company gives the employees the ability to advance their careers through a wide range of job opportunities with excellent benefits and occasions for growth both locally and across the country.

As a result of the accomplishments above, and their $4.2 million investment in their Meredosia project, the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation is pleased to add Helena Chemical to the distinguished list of previous winners.

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