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I thought I would just pass on a few hints and tips for eating well. We’ve heard them all before but here we go.

Don’t you just love a good baked potato?! Did you know that a baked potato (or boiled) cam give you a fuller feeling and steady energy, and will cut down on hunger pangs later. Plus they are loaded with vitamins, fiber and other nutrients.

Do you like beans – any kind of beans?  I have found a new love of beans. Plus I am getting their benefits – healthy doses of fiber and resisting starch, which is a good carb that slows down the release of sugar into the blood stream, to keep you satisfied. Fiber and water stretch your stomach and makes you feel full. There is nothing better that a good bean soup or beans in a cold salad.

Eggs are wonderful! Eating eggs for breakfast will let you consume 330 fewer calories throughout the day. Eggs are a complete protein which gives  you all the amino acids your body can’t make by itself. Again a suppressed appetite. Hooray for eggs! If you don’t have time to fix eggs in the morning, keep hardboiled eggs on hand for a quick meal.

We’ve all heard lately is “Greek yogurt.” If you haven’t tried it , please do. It is great for smoothies and with fresh fruit. It can also be used in place of or in addition to sour cream in some recipes. In a study (you know those studies are always accurate) that found that yogurt was the best food for shedding pounds. Over time people who downed more yogurt  lost weight without trying. Wouldn’t that be great!

Another power food – oatmeal. It contains a lot of fiber and keeps you full also. Top with some chopped apples and chopped nuts.

Speaking of apples, it is one of the few fruits that contains  pectin, which slows down digestion and also gives you a sense of fullness. One reason – it takes longer to eat an apple and it gives your body time to tell your brain that you are not hungry anymore.

A favorite snack of many is popcorn, but it can trick us! We sit down with a big bowl of popcorn and we are tricked into thinking we are eating more calories than we really are.

My last four suggestions-

Hit the sack – make sure that you get the recommended seven hours of sleep, if you can. We know there are times that we can’t get that many hours, but remember that one night of poor sleep may increase your hunger the next day.

Get back on the healthy eating wagon. I’m on it, but I’ve got one foot dragging. But I’ll make it. Come join me. You know it’s the fruit, vegetable and grain wagon.

Eat slowly. Not so easy to do sometimes but try. That’s all we can do.

Last of all – chill out! Try to distress in the best way for you.

Of course, we need to increase our exercise. Aren’t you tired of talking about that. But we have had some warm sunny weather and we will have more, and it just seems to draw us to the outdoors. Isn’t it wonderful!

I have added some new activity to my repertoire – bottle feeding a calf named Lucy. Her mother didn’t seem to like the idea of twins so Lucy came to live up here at the house. She’s next door to the chickens. It’s not such a bad job now but as she gets bigger it becomes a bit more taxing. But here we go!

Enjoy Spring everyone! Summer will be here soon and then we will all be hot. Are we ever satisfied?!

Best to all!


Janet Ginder

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