Holy macaron!

  • Instructor Terri Branham laughs with the class as she demonstrates how to pipe the macarons correctly.
  • Sheets of colorful macaroons sit on a rack, waiting to be baked.
  • Macarons are piped onto parchment for baking.
  • Color choice was left to each baker; this bright blue buttercream was so pretty.
  • One student came to class with macaron-themed leggings.
  • The culinary arts seemed to show a bit of found visual arts in the stacked rows of rolling pins.
  • Instructor Terri Branham reviews what should be the perfect consistency in the mixing bowl.

Photos/Kyla Hurt

It’s high time we set the record straight. Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) Culinary Institute instructor Terri Branham started the class by expressing that the word “macaron” is not an alternate spelling of macaroon. The macaron refers specifically to a meringue-based cookie that has a filling of buttercream, ganache or fruit curd generally. The macaroon is that dense coconut lump, often piped with a star-shaped tip. (As is it weren’t apparent, I’m not a fan of coconut.)

The opening paragraph is a quick intro into the many culinary classes available through the college; specifically the “Macarons” class option, one of the most popular baking classes. The class was three hours on a Saturday morning and held at the institute’s state-of-the-art facility in the Workforce Careers Center located at LLCC-Springfield. Some had delicate pastry results, while others ended up with some quite disfigured macarons that were delicious regardless. Check out which classes are available at http://www.llcc.edu/community-education/culinary-institute/ci-baking-classes/.


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