Hot diggity dog!

Hot diggity dog!
By Kyla Hurt
The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile made its way to Jacksonville as part of its nationwide tour, stopping at Charlie’s Ice Cream Shop on Thursday, August 6 in the afternoon from 2-4:30.
Charlie’s offered a $1 hot dog special during the Weinermobile’s visit and many posed for pictures with the traveling hot dog. Some children from Jacksonville’s Zoerner Daycare and Preschool, owned and operated by Melissa Zoerner, even took an afternoon field trip to go see the memorable ride.
Photo/Submitted to The Source
For an action shot, Eva Jane Jenkins played the mustard bottle and Jackson Mills was the ketchup. The two doctored their hot dog, Deacon Dean.
There were cutouts of a hot dog, plus a mustard and ketchup squeeze bottle, available for fun photo opportunities. The staff of the Weinermobile also handed out whistles, which looked like miniature Weinermobiles, said Zoerner. Zoerner laughed, saying, “You better believe every whistle made it home that night after daycare and we asked the parents to make sure they don’t return. The afternoon in the backyard sounded like the steam show was going on and the train was active.”
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