Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System training

  • Photos/Kyla Hurt
Participants from Region 6 (which encompasses the surrounding area, notes Lt. Chris Johnson) of the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) await their next training
  • Photo/Kyla Hurt
Lieutenant Chris Johnson (center) plays the role of the
  • Photos/Kyla Hurt
The ILEAS Mission from their website,, states: "We strive to meet the needs of law enforcement throughout the state of Illinois in matters of mutual aid, emergency response, and the combining of resources for public safety"
  • Photos/Kyla Hurt
Detective Michael Fannin of the Springfield Police Department is pictured in the foreground as he walks back to join the group of almost 30 taking part in this training. Fannin generally deals with crime scene investigations. Fannin said that there is a training every three months, with the next training to be held in Springfield during June
  • Photos/Kyla Hurt
A woman undergoing the training exits from driving her vehicle after executing a synchronized dual vehicle rescue training situation

Photos/Kyla Hurt

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