Jacksonville Area Wrestling (JAWs)

Battle in the Bowl, January 10, 2016

Photos by Veronika Thies

6U Jaxon Bettis-1st Ryan Headen-2nd Brock Meyer-1st

8U Braydn Stewart-1st Olivia Stewart-2nd Jacob Stewart-2nd Morgan Cole-4th Evan Thrasher-2nd Owen Thrasher-4th Xavier Moore-2nd Alexis Seymour-4th Charlie Neuman-4th Garrett Prather-4th John Harper III-3rd Joe Reif-2nd Dalton Brown-3rd Kaleb Williams-4th

10U Hunter Prather-1st Amare Little-2nd Oliver Cooley-1st Ian Wilner-3rd Lynden Large-2nd Collin Reif-1st Macy’s Cotton-1st Will Grojean-4th Luca Thies-1st 12U Jerrett Belford-2nd Mason Meyer-4th Evan DeWitt-3rd Brooklyn Murphy-2nd Vince Ptacek-4th Aiden Fraas-2nd George Ptacek-4th Ryan Hutchison-4th Gavin Seymour-2nd

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