Jacksonville Promise

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Pictured are shots taken at “The Evening of Promise” silent auction and fundraiser. The Facebook page, “Jacksonville Promise,” noted the following as commentary on the recent event: “The Evening of Promise raised $14,910 in the auction tonight and $3500 in admissions and donations. Regrets added more, so the fund drive is up to $37,000 after we pay all the bills associated with the event. What a spectacular success! Scholarship awards in July here we come!”

For those who do not know, the Jacksonville Promise is a place-based scholarship available to graduates of Illinois School District #117 who chose to pursue education in Jacksonville, Ill. Three colleges are available for higher education in Jacksonville — Illinois College, MacMurray College and Lincoln Land Community College. The size of the award is up to the amount of a PELL grant and varies by the amount of time spent in the District 117 school system. For further details, write to jacksonvillepromise@gmail.com. Donations of any value are graciously accepted at http://jacksonvillepromis.wix.com/fundraising.

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