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To The Editor

On behalf of the management of Jacksonville Speedway, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience by our event on Saturday October 10th running later than normal.  We had a major event to conclude our 2015 season on Friday and Saturday with racers in attendance from as far away as California and fans that flew in to watch.

On Saturday night we honored Jacksonville’s favorite racer, the late Ron Milton with the Ron Milton Race of Champions.  It was a successful weekend both for the race track and the community with well over 1,000 people in town for two days.

Unfortunately a larger than normal number of wrecks and other issues forced our program to run late.  Since it was the last event of the season and with people from so far away, we couldn’t finish it the following week like we ordinarily would.

We try hard to be good and conscientious neighbors and understand that for some residents our racing activities are an annoyance.  This season the vast majority of our events concluded well before 10:00pm.  We continue to work to find ways to operate our events in a timely manner and with as little effect on nearby residents as possible.

On Saturday night, circumstances created a situation that forced us to run late.  For that we apologize.

For anyone who was uniquely impacted by our event, please don’t hesitate to call and share your concerns.

Thank You

Ken Dobson

Jacksonville Speedway

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