Lake Jacksonville

When people talk about Jacksonville there is one attraction that always seems to make its way into the conversation and that would be Lake Jacksonville. On any given weekend during the summer Lake Jacksonville could be considered the 3rd largest community in Morgan County. Each and every weekend the lake is sprawling with visitors that come from hours away just to kick back, relax, and enjoy nature. The lake, which has a surface area of 477acres, has been known to be one of the best public bass fishing lakes in the state. Don’t believe us, come try it out for yourself! The lake is open from early April to late October and hosts between 30-40 fishing tournaments every year. Bringing in many different groups of anglers from here locally to as far away as the surrounding states. On average we sell approximately 700 seasonal boating permits each year, with hundreds more daily permits being sold to our visitors. Once the weather turns cold and many people are putting their boats away for the year, some are just getting their boats ready. With the cold weather brings in the migratory birds and for those brave enough to get out in the cold we offer 12 public hunting blinds for those lucky enough to get a spot.  With fishing, hunting, and personal recreation the lake stays pretty busy year round. If fishing or hunting is not really your cup of tea but you just love being outside with nature Lake Jacksonville offers plenty of other recreation opportunities as well. Lake Jacksonville is surrounded by approximately 1,000acres of timber and wildlife, with 6 private camping clubs that have about 300 camping spots and a public campgrounds that have 225 camping sites. Boat docks are available for those campers with boats. While camping can have different meanings, if you are the type that leaves all electrical devices at home and all you need is a tent to enjoy the weekend, we have spots for tents with no electricity just to get away from everyday life. We also have in the works a biking/hiking trail that will go around the lake for those looking to get some exercise or just want to roam around and enjoy the outdoors. We are proud to be able to say that our camping sites have been full for a number of years now and we currently have a waiting list for campers hoping to get a spot. If you are ever in Jacksonville and in search of something to do, take a few hours of your time and just come out to enjoy what nature has to offer!

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