J’ettes at competition

J’ettes at competition

Photo/Tiffany Hickox:

The J’ettes attended the Edwardsville Illinois Drill Team Association (IDTA) competition. They earned 1st place in the AA Pom/Dance category and 2nd place in the AA Lyrical category – both earning a qualification to the IDTA State Contest on February 12th.  

The J’ettes also competed in the IHSA category with both of their routines and received 6th place in pom/dance and tied for 1st with their lyrical entry. This category is only for feedback, no qualifications are given.

Front row left to right: Gwen Poole, Meredith Gallo, Issy Woods, Jillian Claussen, Ella Stremming, Leah Hoffman, and Anna Muller; Middle Row left to right: Kate Alexander, Lindsey Hautala, Lily Rohlk, Kimmy Davis, Jacey Evans, and Abby Shireman; Back row left to right: Emma Wolters, Elizabeth Stremming, Gianna Williams, Samantha Lawson, Hailey Weeks, Kylie Chumley, and Cece Trace.

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