J’ettes win state title

<strong>J’ettes win state title</strong>

Special to The Source Newspaper

The Jacksonville J’ettes captured a state title over the weekend. The J’ettes won the Class 1A state competitive dance title at Bloomington on Saturday. The dance competition is divided into three classes. This is believed to be the second ever state team title for Jacksonville High School (JHS). The JHS Crimsons volleyball team won a state title in 1988.

Pictured are (back row, left to right) JHS seniors Meredith Gallo, Gwen Poole, Leah Hoffman, Ella Stremming, Anna Muller and Issy Woods. Kneeling in the middle row are (left to right) JHS juniors Lindsey Hautala, Lily Rohlk, Jacey Evans, Kate Alexander and Kimmy Davis. The next row seated are (left to right) JHS sophomores Emma Wolters, Samantha Lawson, Hailey Weeks, Gianna Williams, Kylie Chumley and Elizabeth Stremming. Seated back-to-back in the front are (left to right) JHS freshmen Lily Hickox and Greta Bryson-Adams. Not pictured: manager Marley VanAken and coaches Tiffany Hickox and Allyson Maul.

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