JHS – meet the team

JHS – meet the team

{PHOTO CAPTION} Photo/Special to The Source Newspaper

Top Row, left to right: John Gibbons (28), Peter Norton (6), Brandon McCombs (29), Cody Hadden (18), Zack Dewitt (8), Josh Wilkerson (17), Nathan Foote (3), Steven Albers (22). Middle row: Austin Enz (0), Mark Wilson (5), Will Fenner (10), Evan Long (15), Parker Oldenettel (16), Mason Pohlman (13), Keaton Hunter (1/27). Front row: Nash Oldenettel (31), Jacob Bates (9), Ty Rogers (Captain, 12), Cooper Moore (7), AJ Underwood (23), Ryan May (Captain, 4)
Coach: Evan Philpott
Evan graduated from Eastern Illinois University, where he played soccer, in 2009. He has been an aide at Jacksonville High School and is presently completing his masters degree. “This group of young men has been together since a very young age. The memories and experiences they share are what have made them so close. There is a significant amount of talent within this group and they all understand each other’s game. This group is still searching for another level and if they remain determined to find it, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”
Drew Comstock
Drew is a student at Illinois College and played soccer at Jacksonville High School.
“This team has a desire to be the best that they can be.”
Coach: Ian English
Coach: Dan Keller
Steven Albers
Sophomore, Forward
Parents: Amy & Craig Albers
“I like that everyone works hard and loves to play soccer.”
Jacob Bates
Sophomore, Midfield
Parents: Melanie Pine & Joe Bates
“We are all mentally prepared for whatever comes our way.”
Trey Cisne
Sophomore, Forward
Parents: Hilary Cisne
I feel like the team has progressed a lot throughout the season and we will go far this year.
Tyler DeGroot
Sophomore, Defensive Midfield
Parents: Dorothy Fernandes
“We are all willing to work hard to accomplish our goals.”
Zack DeWitt
Senior, Right back
Parents: Justin & Jennifer DeWitt
“We joke around at times but when it comes down to it we stick together.”
Austin Enz
Senior, Goal keeper
Parents: Eric & Diane Enz
“I have played the position of goalkeeper for 8 consecutive years. My inspiration comes from the best goal keeper ever, Fabien Barthez. I sacrifice myself for the general welfare of our team. #Y.H.I.M.”
Will Fenner
Senior, Center Back
Parents: Michael & Angie Fenner
“We are all like a family on and off the field.”
Grant Flynn
Sophomore, Goal keeper
Parents: Kristin Deer & Jeremy Flynn
“We have come prepared and focused to every game.”
John Gibbons
Sophomore, Defense/Mid
Parent: Jane & Matt Gibbons
“Our team sticks together.”
Cody Hadden
Senior, Left back
Parents: Gary & Lisa Hadden
“I like how we all work hard to strive to meet our team goals.”
Luke Hewitt
Freshman, Left back
Parents: John & Tammy Hewitt
“I think that throughout this season the team has really gotten closer and progressed forward with each other.”
Keaton Hunter
Junior, Back up Goal Keeper
Parents: John & Kelly Hunter
“I think we are better than everyone.”
Brandon Hurt
Freshman, Defensive mid
Parents: Matt & Toni Hurt
“Our team has worked hard to get where we are.”
Ethan Karr
Freshman; Midfielder
Parents: Robert & Lori Karr
“I like how the team works together and how they travel the journey together. The success for both JV and Varsity has been outstanding so far.”
Devin Killebrew
Sophomore; Goal Keeper
Parents: Jeremy Killebrew & Tara Killebrew
“Our team has been playing great so far. As long as we stay focused we can have a successful season.”
Evan Long
Senior, Midfield
Parents: Jeff Long, Connie & Gary Hutchison
“My favorite moment of the season so far was scoring the game winning goal against SHG in overtime.”
Ryan May
Senior, Center Midfield
Parents: Gregory & Elizabeth May
“Our team has trained very hard for this season and now we are seeing it pay off.”
Brandon McCombs
Sophomore, Outside Back
Parents: Shawn & Amy McCombs
“The effort that our team gives every day is great.”
Cooper Moore
Senior, Midfield/Forward
Parents: Doug & Cindy Moore
“When one person plays good, we play good. When one person plays bad, we play bad. Either way we are a team.”
Peter Norton
Senior, Midfielder
Parents: Simon & Melinda Norton
“Our team is more than just a team, we are more like a family and we will play for each other and have each other’s backs until the end.”
Nash Oldenettel
Sophomore, Center Midfielder/Left Midfielder
Parents: Janet Daniels &Mike Oldenettel
“We have come prepared for what the competition has brought. #Y.H.I.M.”
Parker Oldenettel
Senior, Outside right back
Parents: Janet Daniels & Mike Oldenettel
“We all get along very well together.”
Mason Pohlman
Junior, Multi-purpose
Parents: David & Kim Pohlman
“Number one in the field, number one in your hearts”
Jose’ Ignacis Raccoursier
Senior, Center middle
Host Family: Bill Blue
“The Team is like a family and they know what they are doing on the field. “
Ty Rogers
Senior, Forward
Parents: Brad & Shana Rogers
“I like how we come into each game knowing that we have to give our all and play for each other in order to win!”
Max Schiller
Senior, Midfielder
Host Family: Adam & Olivia Mefford
“Team spirit, work together, successful!”
AJ Underwood
Senior, Outside Midfielder
Parent: Heather Kroush
“Whether we win or lose we are still unstoppable. Me and my team look to go far this season. We have put in the work and time needed to go far.”
Mark Wilson
Junior; Defensive Midfielder
Parents: Brad &Terri Wilson

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