Just Take a Walk Down State Street

By Anna Ferraro – 2/23/16

There is something enchanting about State Street. From frequenting Duncan Park during my childhood, to driving to church each week and observing the unique qualities of each beautiful home and lawn, I have loved this area of Jacksonville for my entire life. In honor of my favorite area of town, I wrote this poem touching on the beauties of the street in each season. Like the thoughts it conveys, it is a poem of simplicity – in structure, style, and content.

When the icy winds of winter come,

And January skies cast around their gray,

When the trees are bare and the sunlight scarce,

And we long for the dawn of a spring day,

I take a walk down State Street,

The place of my childhood dreams.

I look at each house and consider

The story that each one breathes.

When the rain of spring comes in with force,

And the winds of March do threaten,

I count the flowers in Duncan Park,

And hope they will not get frostbitten.

As I take my walk down State Street,

I see the earth come to life,

The velvety grass white carpet of blossoms,

Defy the long winter of strife.

When summer breaks into oppressive heat,

And dehydrates the grass on the ground,

I look towards the grandeur of the tree-lined street,

And find a natural solace surrounds.

As I take my walk down State Street,

I realize the sun does not harm me.

The massive trees provide me a shield,

And once more, I can focus on beauty.

When the autumn cool melts away summer heat,

I breathe a deep sigh of delight.

Along my dear State Street the trees are transformed,

To colors majestic and bright.

As I take my walk down State Street,

In awe of each season’s glory,

I raise my heart in gratefulness to God on High,

And own that He has created this beauty.

As I savor this solace in my town,

Through walking, breathing, and gazing,

In each season this street brings us peace and delight,

When we take time to do some observing.

So take a walk down State Street –

In the cold, in the heat or in rain.

Savor the moments the seasons all bring,

Before each has vanished again.

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