Just the right ag job

Just the right ag job

By Francesca Boston

Jenny Ring was born and raised on a small family farm just outside of Jacksonville. Today she serves as the Director of Communications for the Illinois Pork Producers Association (IPPA) in Springfield. Ring loves what she does and is eager to talk about why.

The IPPA, based in Springfield, supports pig farmers through their membership organization. The association’s goal is to help producers increase their bottom lines as well as consumers desire for pork products. Rign engages daily with media outlets. She also works on social media, newsletters and e-mail communicaitons.

“I bounce between internal farmer communications and external media and consumer relations. I also manage the youth and education sectors of the organization,” Ring says.

The virtual Illinois Pork Expo just concluded and the organization is planning for summer, their busiest time of year for events.

“Our interns who will start in May will jump right into educational events for teachers and state fair planning,” said Ring.

Plans for the 2021 Illinois Livestock Leadership Institute are also in the works. That event will be in Des Moines, Iowa, in June.

 Ring says her favorite part of her job is working directly with families on their farms and especially with kids.

Ring says, “Coming from a farm family myself, I love connecting with similar people and building my network. I love telling their stories and showing their connection to their community.”

 In addition to work, Ring is very involved in volunteer and civic activities. She is active on the Cass-Morgan Farm Bureau Young Leaders committee, serves as secretary of the Cass-Morgan Farm Bureau board of directors, and is a founding member of the Morgan County Fair Gala committee. She also serves on the Unit 15 Extension 4-H Expansion and Review committee and enjoys volunteering at the Morgan County Fair.

“I strive to give back to the organizations that have given so much to me over the years,” Ring says.

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