Kiwanis Memorial Youth Golf Tournament is announced

Kiwanis Memorial Youth Golf Tournament is announced

The Jacksonville Kiwanis Club is proud to announce the first annual Kiwanis Memorial Youth Golf Tournament. This event will replace the long-running Robbie McEvers Memorial Golf Tourney.

The McEvers tournament began in 1980 following the death of nine-year-old Robbie McEvers, a golf enthusiast and son of Ed and Jan McEvers of Jacksonville. The tournament was hosted by the McEvers family and friends for 20 years, and it provided many wonderful opportunities for children in our community to learn about and participate in the game of golf.

In 2000, the local Kiwanis Club assumed responsibility for management of the event to continue it as a positive activity available to youth. At that time, in a letter to the Kiwanis Club, Jan McEvers said, “Ed and I were so glad when members of your club came to us and ask if they could continue on with the tournament. This tournament has helped to keep the memory of Robbie alive. He would have been proud.”

The Kiwanis Memorial Youth Golf Tourney will be held on July 26 and 27, 2018, at The Links and the Nichols Park golf courses in Jacksonville. The event is free to any child through age 18. Youth or parents of youth wishing to participate should email their contact information to

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