Lincoln Railer Rumble Results

Jacksonville Area Wrestling is off to a great start. The results from Lincoln Railer Rumble, from December 4 are below, along with a selection of photos from the weekend.


Jaxon Bettis 2nd

Kaylynn Seymour 1st


Jacob Stewart 3rd

Jack Bezler 2nd

Owen Thrasher 4th

Evan Thrasher 2nd

Larenzo Sanders 1st

Noah Beckman 3rd

John Harper 2nd

Liam Heise 4th

Xander Howe 2nd


Will Grojean 4th

Alexis Seymour 3rd

Joe Reif 1st

Thatcher Frye 2nd

Macyn Cotton 1st

Mani Moore 1st

Oliver Cooley 1st


Ian Wilner 4th

Collin Reif 1st

Lynden Large 2nd

Luca Thies 3rd


Chris Seymour 4th

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